a.) write a software that has a link to your life, that is in some sense useful to you. It could be connected to your spare time activities, your university courses or a job. It should not be too simplistic and contain multiple elements from the lecture. Simplistic (Hello World like tools) will result in bad grades.
b.) Present your software during the exam in 10 minutes. Overlong presentations will be interrupted and may result in worse grades. Only you and your code are interesting, so no powerpoint presentations! Bring your script on USB (no private computers). Every presentation has to have the following three elements
  • Make clear how it is connected to your life. What is the software doing. Why is it useful.
  • Run the tool. Execute it in the command line!
  • Explain your code
c.) We will ask questions for 5 minutes and grade you. If we find that you did not write the code yourself, you will not pass the course; To make the grading as fair as possible 2-3 people will grade your project.
d.) Pick a date for your presentation from the following excel list. Only 10 presenters per date!
e.) If you are unhappy with your grade, I want to give you the option to make an oral exam. You need to bring all your tasks to the oral exam! I will ask some questions. Note that the oral exam will be a thorough assessment of your programming skills.

The exam will be held in my office in building HA 4th floor.

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Exceptional Students Projects

Exceptional students projects


Human genes (.gtf)