Following a small collection of my all time favorite books. These are just a few, carefully selected books which I found to be outstanding, I can fully recommend any of these.

Evolution and Genetics

On the Origin of Species

Ja ja ja, what else...but it is still a good book. It is very well written and easily understandable. He did a great job in communicating his ideas.

Wonderful Life

In addition to the classical question "What if we could replay the tape of life" this book presents a further riddle "Why are no new animal bauplane emerging since the Cambrian explosion?".

The Major Transitions in Evolution

Just brilliant.

The Growth of Biological Thought

Wonderful introduction to the history of biology, although the history of taxonomy was a bit boring to me..

Lords of the Fly

Very nice introduction to the first years of Drosophila genetics. I especially like Dobzhansky idea that a month without publication is a wasted month...

Why we get sick

An eye opening book about our diseases


Effective Java

It's not enough to know a programming language, you have to be able to use it effectively. The following is a great introduction.

Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics

A brilliant book, which demonstrates how powerful a scripting language can be. It is amazing how easily the most complicated Blast output can be parsed with Perl. BTW the successor 'Mastering Perl for Bioinformatics' is not so great.

Mastering Regular Expression

One of the most carefully researched books I have ever read. This is certainly a masterpiece demonstrating the power of Regular Expressions.

Head First Design Pattern

Once you know Design Pattern, your programming will never be the same again

Biological Sequence Analysis

An easily...well...let's say understandable introduction to probabilistic approaches for sequence analysis. With the help of this book I was finally able to understand the basics of Bayesian statistics, Hidden Markov Models and profile HMM.


The Guns of August

Brilliant book about World War I; The Kaiser with the least inhibited tongue in Europe, General Joffre calm and resembling Santa Claus, Paul von Hindenburg as Mr. 'Was sagst du, Marshal' and finally arrogant von Kluck disobeying commands and thus destroying the whole campaign.

Team of Rivals

I love Abraham Lincoln and I love this book, just great:

A Distant Mirror

A brilliant account of life in the 14th century, which was haunted by the plague, wars and a schism.



Omg, finally here it is, a book providing data about migration, an issue far to long solely discussed emotionally devoid of any facts. The author, whose parents were migrants themselfs, investigates the economic and social effects of migration on the host country, on the migrants and on the countries left by the migrants.

Capital in the 21th century

If you want to read just one book about economics, that's the one. A lucid historical perspective of economic developments and increasing problems (r>g). The author even provides a possible solution


Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

I just love this one. Didn't think fantasy could still surprise me